Food Boost is all about helping people protect their health through nutrition and natural health skills.
What we offer is decades of naturopathic clinic experience that began in 1970. 
Our dream is to share our knowledge with you so you can live your best life.


how immune+ can help you boost your nutrition

Nutrition and resilient health go hand in hand.

Immune+ is a nutrient boosting blend of herbs and spice that you add to your favourite drinks to support your wellbeing. You put half a teaspoon in your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, golden milk, infused water, smoothies and fresh juices. It’s so quick and easy to use.

Our ingredients are pure and organic. There are no fillers, no sugar, no colours, no preservatives, no synthetic chemicals. And it’s delicious.

how immune guard essential oil can help you

We reformulated the traditional thieves oil recipe and gave it a germ-busting boost of lemon myrtle and peppermint oil to help you guard against airborne pathogens.

AROMA Imagine a crisp lemony fragrance infused with minty menthol, woodsy eucalyptus, rosemary, and warm spicy tones of cinnamon and cloves. Fresh and powerful.

how stress buster essential oil can help you

Stress Buster is a blend of calming essential oils to help you relax and release physical, mental and emotional tension.

AROMA Imagine a fresh floral fragrance infused with fruity citrus notes, soft rose, and warm undertones of vanilla and musk. Sweet and soothing.

check out our nutrition boosting recipes

Our recipes and free downloads focus on boosting nutrition and protecting health.

We also offer you delicious ways to use immune+ in nutritional drinks, chia puddings, healthy desserts, and raw chocolate recipes.

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