About Us

About Us

Imagine a world where people everywhere are happy, healthy and whole.

We do.

Food Boost is a boutique business. We specialise in creating nutrient-dense blends that boost nutrition to protect health.

Think delicious and doable.

That’s Food Boost.

We use premium organic ingredients.

Our products are quick and easy to use.

And our formulas embody years of experience in natural health.

sharing what we know

At the heart of Food Boost is our desire to leave behind a legacy that began in 1970 when our family opened Rener Health Centres, a naturopathic clinic in Perth, Western Australia.

Since then, we have spent decades working with people and co-creating holistic solutions for their health concerns.

Now, we want to share our knowledge and skills with people everywhere.

Essentially, the relationship we have with ourselves determines everything, especially the choices we make and how we live.

Our dream is to share information that promotes greater self-care and encourages everyone to realise their highest health potential.


Because prevention is still the best cure.

Tracey Rieniets
Creator | Food Boost