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collagen boosting for anti-ageing

collagen boosting is better than botox for anti-ageing

collagen and ageing Collagen is a protein our bodies make that gives our skin it’s structure and elasticity, but as we get older production tends to slow down, and that’s when wrinkles appear. We can …

How to stop ageing your skin

skin loves nutrition – how to stop ageing your skin

  Skin – thinning dry skin, wrinkles, age spots, sagging, benign growths – how your skin ages will depend on your health, lifestyle, sun exposure, heredity factors, and personal habits such as sm …

Ginger Zinger Drink

ginger zinger is a perfect summer drink

  Ginger Zinger is a perfect hot-weather drink for rehydrating, flushing your kidneys and giving your immune system some added support. This recipe is thirst quenchingly delicious. But if you don …

CACAO SPICE RECIPE • A perfect gift for chocolate lovers

cacao spice makes a delicious gift

A perfect gift for chocolate lovers Every year, I make up a big batch of Cacao Spice for family and friends – and they love it – so I thought I would share my recipe with you. Cacao Spice can be added …

repel flies naturally

repel flies naturally & enjoy outdoor dining

Repel flies naturally with lemon & cloves table bowls Lemon and cloves table bowls are a natural way to repel flies so you can enjoy your outdoor meals. Depending on how big your outdoor dining ta …

bedtime sock therapy

bedtime sock therapy for coughs, colds & sinus congestion

bedtime sock therapy Bedtime sock therapy is all about helping you get a better nights sleep when you’re fighting off a cold, flu or sinus infection. There’s nothing worse than bedtime when your nose …

Defend against virus infection

infection & how to defend your health against viruses

‘To protect yourself from infection, you need to understand the infection triangle’ Lisa Rieniets ND The best way to guard against infection is to do everything you can to support your body to defend …

Essential Oil Diffuser

immune protect essential oils for diffusers

  Eating healthy food, washing your hands, getting a good night’s sleep, exercise and stress management help guard your immune system. You can also diffuse germ busting essential oils to help pre …

Deep breathing technique for stress management

stress buster exercise – breathe & refocus

  Chronic stress undermines our immune system, our health, our relationships – our wellbeing. We all experience things in life that can trigger stress responses – from the thoughts we think to pa …

germ buster hand hygiene

germ buster skills to protect your health

  There’s growing concern about the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the moment, so we thought we’d share some natural ways you can help protect your immune system. First of all, there are obv …

our story - how foodboost and immune+ began

our story – how food boost and immune+ began

  Our story began in 1970 when our family launched Rener Health Centres, a naturopathic clinic in Perth, Western Australia. Decades later, it is now Rener Health Clinics, headed by my sister. As …

how are you

how are you? are you well? how are you really?

  how are you really? Hi, how are you? It’s a common greeting. And we reply we are ‘fine’ – even when we are not. We tend to ignore ourselves as much as the question. Why? Because we live in a fa …

Your health and you

your health & your relationship with you

  “Health is a state of balance. Healing is the journey that takes you there.” Lisa Rieniets ND. Rener Health Clinics your relationship with you ‘I need to lose weight. I need to exercise. I need …

Your diet

your diet & disease – eat well to be well

your diet & disease Diet simply means the kinds of food you eat all of the time. But the word itself can cause negative reactions. Diet – arrrgghhh! So let’s eliminate the word diet, and tell anyo …

Are your cosmetics ageing you?

cosmetics – are your personal care products ageing you?

  Cosmetics are anything you apply to your skin when you clean, groom and beautify your body. And every day, you may unknowingly be ageing your skin and undermining your health using products in …