cacao spice makes a delicious gift

CACAO SPICE RECIPE • A perfect gift for chocolate lovers

A perfect gift for chocolate lovers

Every year, I make up a big batch of Cacao Spice for family and friends – and they love it – so I thought I would share my recipe with you.

Cacao Spice can be added to all sorts of recipes – smoothies, cookies, chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate bark, homemade coconut ice cream, raw balls, truffles, as well as hot or iced chocolate drinks.

Cacao Spice Recipe

The recipe is simple to make. There are only 3 foundation ingredients – raw cacao, bourbon vanilla, and true cinnamon.

No matter the size of the batch you are making, the Cacao Spice recipe is 50% raw cacao (half) • 25% bourbon vanilla powder (a quarter) • and 25% organic True cinnamon powder (a quarter). 

If you want to be more adventurous, you can also add hints of cardamom, cloves and nutmeg powder. I use these ingredients at 5% to 10% of the total batch size. They are strong spices so you don’t need a lot to infuse your drink powder with their beautiful flavours.

Measure and pour your ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir them gently together until they are well combined.

If you are making a smaller batch, you could place the ingredients in a large jar, seal it and shake the ingredients until they are blended.

Fill the powder into mason jars, decorate the lids, and label them ready to go. 

Avery has some great online label templates, or you can create your own designs. You can buy Avery labels from most office supply stores.

Where to find the ingredients

I often get asked where I buy the ingredients I use, so I’ve linked my suppliers for you.

For this recipe, I use Organic Cacao Gold by Power Superfoods because it is one of the smoothest cacao powders I have found. Health food stores in Australia stock it, or you can buy it online.

When it comes to vanilla, I only use bourbon vanilla powder because it is rich, smooth and velvety. Just the smell alone hugs you.

Bourbon vanilla can be expensive, but I have found a reasonably priced online source in Western Australia called The Natural Vanilla Store.

I use a lot of organic cinnamon, so I buy larger amounts from herb suppliers such as Austral Herbs in New South Wales and The Herbal Connection in Queensland. It’s more economical to buy in bulk. 

For smaller quantities, you can buy organic cinnamon from most health food stores. Just make sure the cinnamon you use is True cinnamon – also known as Ceylon cinnamon or Cinnamomum zeylanicum.

Why the ingredients are so good for you

Not only is Cacao Spice delicious, but it’s also highly nutritious.

Here are some of the ways the ingredients are traditionally used and research findings regarding them.


Contains nearly four times the antioxidant content of regular processed dark chocolate and 20 times more than blueberries • energy-boosting • blood clot prevention • brain health, cognitive function • supports your immune system • mood stabiliser • anti-inflammatory • memory enhancement • digestion • weight management • high blood pressure and circulation • promotes cardiovascular health • increases levels of specific neurotransmitters in our brains that induce a sense of well being • raises levels of serotonin which acts as a natural antidepressant.


Antimicrobial • anti-inflammatory • antidepressant • aids digestion • relieves upset stomach • soothes gut inflammation • lowers cholesterol • alleviates diarrhoea and stomach cramps • natural appetite suppressant • regulates blood sugar and blood lipids • protects and improves tissue damage to kidneys, lung, skin, muscle, liver, gut, breast • alleviates cardiac distress.


Inhibits candida • enhances fat metabolism • increase lean body mass • decreases abdominal fat • improves fasting blood sugar • improves Insulin resistance • promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria • protects colon health • anti-inflammatory • antidiabetic • rich in antioxidants • autoimmune symptoms • bacterial infections • blood pressure (hypertension) • brain food • candida • central nervous system • cholesterol • cognitive decline • dental health • diabetes • fungal infections • protects against cardiovascular disease • insulin resistance • neurodegenerative disorders • viral infections • weight management • wound healing.

I hope your family and friends love Cacao Spice as much as mine do!

And if you love healthy chocolate, you can find more delicious ideas on our Recipe page.

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