how are you? are you well? how are you really?

how are you


how are you really?

Hi, how are you?

It’s a common greeting. And we reply we are ‘fine’ – even when we are not.

We tend to ignore ourselves as much as the question.

Why? Because we live in a fast world, and our to-do lists often take priority over our personal needs.

But busy doesn’t count when it comes to health.

If you want to be healthy, you need to understand what your body requires to function effectively and provide it.

When you neglect you, it’s easy to lose awareness of what your body is trying to tell you.

Exhaustion becomes – no wonder I’m tired, I’ve had a busy day/week/month/year. We make excuses.

And when you lose connection and misunderstand the signals your body is giving you, you suffer the consequences. You get run down. You end up ill.

That’s when you need to stop and make your health your top priority.

connecting with your body

Your body is the vehicle that helps you live your life – and it needs to be kept in good condition for you to achieve anything.

Most people spend more time and money on their appearance than their health. But what’s the point of looking good, if you don’t have the vitality to enjoy life?

So let me ask you again, how are you – really?

Are you running on empty? Unfit? Stressed?

Be still for a moment. Close your eyes and scan your body.

What’s happening on the inside?

Don’t just think about it though, write it down so you can see your truth right there in front of you and reconnect with you.


Are you mostly full of energy or tired? Do you feel healthy or rundown? Are your muscles relaxed or tight? Are you in pain? What is your body experiencing?


Are you happy, peaceful, sad, anxious, angry, worried, numb? What are you generally feeling most of the time?


Is it negative or positive, calm, or continually thinking and analysing? What’s going on in your mind?

now is the time to connect with you

Don’t put off this exercise because you’re too busy right now.

It’s a lot faster and easier to mend than to have to rebuild. And prevention is always the best cure for sickness and disease.

Noticing you – the condition you are in right now – is a good place to begin improving your health.

When you ‘make’ the time to connect with your body, your emotions and your mind, you will find what you need to repair.

because your health is worth nurturing!

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