our story – how food boost and immune+ began

our story - how foodboost and immune+ began


Our story began in 1970 when our family launched Rener Health Centres, a naturopathic clinic in Perth, Western Australia. Decades later, it is now Rener Health Clinics, headed by my sister.

As I write my first blog in November 2019, I’m about to celebrate 58 years of living and loving and learning. Dad has retired in his eighties. The era of Rener Health Centres has ended. Family members have died. I miss them. And it’s time to leave behind the knowledge and skills we have gained.

The idea of Food Boost began in 2018. My sister and I were talking about ageing and life. That there are no guarantees. And what legacy did we want to leave behind?

Around that time, a friend of mine came down with a virus — coughing and aching and miserable. And as friends do, I was visiting with my ‘brews’ (as my sister calls them). Honey and lemon drinks with fresh ginger and spice. Ointment for a sore nose. Essential oil blends. Soup loaded with fresh herbs from my garden and fortified smoothies to rebuild strength.

While I was doing that, I was thinking about all the simple things we have in our homes that can help us heal. That it’s the everyday things we do that add up to the quality of our lives.

The challenge is we live demanding lives, and we neglect ourselves. We use our stash of I’m busy excuses, and we don’t make time for healthy living. No time for healthy eating, we grab and go. No time to rest. No wonder we get run down and sick.

That conversation with my sister and a friend getting ill became a defining moment. What if I could make something that could help time-poor people protect their health every day? It would have to be easy to use. Quick. And it would have to taste good.

our story created immune+

And that’s how our first product immune+ came to be.

I wanted to create a solution that people anywhere could add to what they already do. I needed to consider cultures and lifestyles. There is no one way we all do things.

The answer came to me while I was making a cup of tea and thinking about people around the world. What do we have in common? Of course! Drinking.

I could create a blend that you could add to a drink – a morning cup of coffee, a cosy hot chocolate, a cup of tea, a morning smoothie, a soothing lemon drink if you had a sore throat. Something that would boost nutrition to support the immune system. One of my ‘brews’. And people could drink a cup or two a day to keep germs away.

I have my family and friends and neighbours to thank here, for being my taste testers and you-can-do-it life coaches, for giving me honest feedback and encouragement.

Immune+ is our first product, and there are more to share with you. We are starting slowly and thoroughly, producing small batches at a time because fresh is best.

And to solve the challenge of people being time-poor, we’re producing powdered products, so they can be as instant as can be without compromising the nutritional qualities of our organic ingredients.

together we can create a new story

Along the way, we will share what we know in our blogs and social media posts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

You can also explore other natural health resources in our FRIENDS directory.

We can all make a difference by caring and sharing and collaborating.

It’s your turn now to tell your story.

We’d love to hear from you. You are always welcome to leave comments, ideas and feedback – especially if it helps others.

all the best!

Tracey Rieniets | Food Boost

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  1. Brilliant caring family. They never stop caring and keeping you up to date with improving people’s health.
    I know Foodboost will be brilliant

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