immune+ sore throat soother

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You have a sore throat.

It’s annoying you.

Here’s a simple, soothing solution.


1⁄2 a teaspoon of immune+.

1 teaspoon of organic manuka or therapeutic grade jarrah honey.


Stir the immune+ into the raw honey.

Place it on your tongue and let it gently dribble down your throat as you slowly swallow.

That’s it.



Sip warm herbal teas throughout the day.

Try immune-supporting green tea with fresh ginger and honey, to boost antioxidants.

Sip turmeric tea with raw honey, to relieve inflammation.

Use lemongrass tea with organic honey, to kill germs.

Drink chamomile tea, to calm and soothe.

Raw honey is a natural antibiotic with broad antimicrobial activity. If you are vegan, use pure organic maple syrup.

Rest your voice as much as possible until your throat heals.

Don’t ignore your wellbeing. If your throat is constantly sore, seek advice from your health practitioner.

we hope you get well soon!