Sarah’s chocolate truffles with immune+

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We are blessed to know Sarah. Not only is she a wonderful person, she always brings us homemade treats.

Homemade chocolate truffles are a delicious way to boost your nutrition and enjoy healthier chocolate.

According to Sarah, this recipe makes a ‘truck-load’. It’s best to divide the recipe into two containers. Use half and keep the other batch in the freezer until needed. The longer it is kept, the better the flavours.

Thank you for sharing your recipe Sarah.


1 cup of organic coconut oil (warmed until it is liquid).

1 cup of cacao powder (or more if you desire a more decadent, rich flavour).

750g organic cashew paste.

240g organic black tahini (unhulled).

1 cup of raw, liquid honey.

1 teaspoon of immune+

4 good pinches of cayenne pepper to give it a kick (optional).

1 good pinch of pink lake salt (fine crystals).


Blend all of the ingredients until they are thoroughly combined.

It’s a large batch, so divide it into containers that can be sealed, and freeze until needed.

To roll each batch into truffles, leave out for about 30 minutes to defrost.

Use a teaspoon to gather some of the mixture to roll into balls, and coat as you go.

To coat, you can roll the truffles in maca powder • shredded coconut • finely chopped nuts • sesame seeds • or cacao powder with a dash of cinnamon and fine salt crystals mixed in.

Store your truffles in a sealed glass container, in the fridge.

Sarah’s notes

I usually let the coconut oil melt by standing the coconut oil jar in hot water.

I use Cacao Gold, Ecuadorian cacao powder by Power Superfoods.

You can use a combination nut paste – almond/brazil/cashew. My preference is Melrose, but any good brand will serve the purpose.

In my latest batch, I mixed in freeze-dried raspberries, but you could also try roasted hazelnuts placed in the centre of the chocolate before coating • or mint chips • or a small dash of rose water for a delicate taste • or orange zest. Play with flavours and have fun with the recipe.

Our neighbour has bees, and I get fresh honey from him. You could add more honey, but I don’t like my truffles too sweet. I tend to undercut the usual amount of sugar used in truffle recipes. The creaminess of the nuts covers the loss of sweetness.

I like to use fine salt crystals in truffles. I love the ‘burst’ it gives you.

reasons to embrace raw cacao

Health-promoting benefits attributed to raw cacao include:

  • energy-boosting.
  • reduces high blood pressure and improves circulation.
  • promotes cardiovascular health.
  • improves digestion by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes.
  • diminishes appetite, due to monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors (MAO inhibitors).
  • increases levels of specific neurotransmitters in our brains that induce a sense of well being.
  • raises levels of serotonin which acts as a natural antidepressant.
  • stimulates the secretion of endorphins to promote a natural high.
  • phenylethylamine acts as a mild mood elevator.
  • anandamide promotes relaxation and helps us feel good.