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Immune+ is for every season.

Your immune system can be weakened by poor nutrition, stress, certain medications, smoking, alcohol, and challenged by changing seasons.

That’s why we created immune+ to be an everyday source of support.

It’s so easy to use immune+. You just add half a teaspoon to your favourite brew.

During the colder months, you can add immune+ to the teas you love, your favourite coffee, a mug of hot chocolate, turmeric latte, hot lemon drinks, or sprinkle it over your porridge.

In warmer weather add immune+ to your smoothies and fresh juices, water infusers, kombucha, iced teas, nice-cream, energy bites, and delicious chia puddings.

Visit our Recipes page and discover the many ways you can use immune+.


Immune+ is a premium blend of certified organic anise seed, marshmallow root, cardamom, true cinnamon, star anise, pimento, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg powders.


Immune+ is perfect for busy people • boosts nutrition to protect health • full of delicious, natural flavour • convenient to use in multiple ways • as instant as can be without compromising quality • daily protection at work, home or when travelling.


Premium, certified organic ingredients • ethically sourced • nutrient-dense • sugar-free • gluten-free • no artificial ingredients • no fillers • plant-based functional food • unique naturopathic formula • home compostable packaging.


Our powdered ingredients have not been processed so they do not dissolve.

When you make a drink with our blends, you have two choices: you can use a fine mesh filter and avoid any sediment OR you can swirl your cup around and drink the goodness down.


Fresh is best so we only make small batches at a time.

We release a product drop, and once the products sell you can preorder for the next batch.

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Product category: Nutritional
Weight: 100g
Serves: ½ a teaspoon = 1 gram. Up to 100 serves.


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