your health & your relationship with you

Your health and you


Health is a state of balance.

Healing is the journey that takes you there.

Lisa Rieniets ND. Rener Health Clinics

your relationship with you

I need to lose weight. I need to exercise. I need to look after myself better. I need to slow down. I need a holiday. I need to stop eating junk food.’

Sound familiar?

Many of us want to change some part of our lives so we can be healthier.

We even have good intentions. We start exercising and stop. We begin a new diet and blow it. We make promises to ourselves and break them.

And then we keep on doing what we’ve always done and we get the same results, and we plod along.

But we don’t feel great. We go through the motions of our lives as if what we do is more important than how we are.

If healthy is how you want to live, change the relationship you have with your body.

your body

Your body is a miracle. It really is.

From the hair on your head to your toenails, you are made up of trillions of single cells.

The body you see when you look at yourself in a mirror is the combined activities of different types of cells, with different functions – working together.

At a fundamental level, there are only two things your cells are doing – creating energy and using energy – in a continual cycle.

If this cycle is not broken, your internal environment remains in a state of balance and order, which you experience as health.

But there is one thing your cells cannot do. They cannot create the elements they need to produce energy.

what your cells need

There are 92 naturally occurring chemical elements on earth that all things are composed of – including you and me.

The different cell types in your body have different balances of elements that are used for growth, function, repairs, and reproduction.

All of the activities in (and between) the cells of your body are the result of different elements reacting to one another. Basically, your body is a series of chemical reactions.

Exactly how many reactions occur in the human body is unknown. What is known is:

  1. With all the chemical reactions that happen, the original elements involved are either altered or completely used up.
  2. Your cells cannot create these original elements. They need to be replaced.
  3. No matter how small (trace) or large (macro) the requirement, different natural occurring elements are essential for maintaining optimal health.

food for thought

The very reason why you breathe, eat and drink is to provide the elements your cells need to thrive.

That’s why nutrition and health are inseparable.

And that is why with every meal, you are either nurturing or undermining your health.

your health & your cells

Your body’s functioning ability is the result of a never-ending cycle. Your cells PRODUCE energy and USE that energy to function and remain stable.

Without the right balance of chemistry, your cells are not able to maintain optimum balance. And that is how a degenerative health cycle begins.

Providing what your cells need is your job.

You need to ask yourself – are you letting down the team?

Are you feeding your cells or just satisfying hunger?

Are you eating foods that promote health and provide proper nutrition?

Become conscious of what you are doing.

Think about the relationship you have with your body.

Think about what you are putting into your body when you breathe, eat or drink.

And when you look in a mirror, start seeing your body with new eyes.

Realise that what’s happening inside of your body is more important than your appearance.

appreciate the miracle you are!

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